Capturing the essence of the cities I visit and the people I meet, in a composition of just a few carefully selected characteristic shapes and colors. The art of leaving out.

Watercolor is my favorite medium. It is as direct as a painting technique can be. Any hesitancy will stop the flow of the colors. You will never completely control the result. You can only mindfully do your job and then let go, enjoy the pigment and water doing their magic.

Would you like to have your favorite city or beloved one portrayed in my expressive watercolor style? Please contact for more information:


+31 6 18 41 41 15
or please fill out the contact form.

Price range about €695 (small size, black-white)-€1550 (large, color), shipment and frame excluded

You can read more about my artistic muses in my free ebook `Portraits of 12 vocalists` with 12 columns I wrote for Voicecouncil Magazine. Singers I painted share their view on subjects like dealing with stalkers, the art of shameless self promotion and how to create healthy songwriting habits. You can order the ebook by filling out the contact form.

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